Stem/Stromal Cell Therapy
We all have millions of stem/stromal cells locked within our fat cells. By releasing these cells from your fat and re-infusing them into your body, they act like guided missiles that TARGET damaged areas allowing your body to heal itself. Click here to read from the Oxford Journal regarding stem cell infusions.

IV Stem/Stromal Cell Therapy Procedure Overview
Before the procedure, the areas from where the fat is being removed will be injected with a local anesthesia called Tumescent. The Tumescent is a combination of Lidocaine and Epinephrine that is injected into the fat beneath the skin. The adipose tissue (fat) will be removed from the body by a narrow surgical instrument called a cannula through a small incision. Once the fat has been obtained, the fat undergoes a procedure to isolate the stem/stromal cells within the tissue. After the adipose tissue has been processed, it will yield Adipose Derived Stem/Stromal Cells.

The blood that is drawn for the procedure will undergo processing to isolate the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). At this point, the Adipose Derived Stem/Stromal Cells will be suspended in the proper volume of PRP.

Dr. Bligh then infuses through an IV. The entire process takes about 2-3 hours.

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Reduce Symptoms

Stem/Stromal cell therapy has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with Lyme Disease, Crohn's Disease, ALS and many more.


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